Reclaiming the Market Together

Necessity is the mother of all invention. Tréz was born out our mission to put the dentist back where they belong: in the center of the exploding consumer demand for clear aligners.


Together We Take It Back!

"Unfortunately, the local dentist’s participation is quickly disappearing from the process due to the low cost and accessibility from other direct to consumer companies. Their new model is suboptimal for achieving the best consumer outcomes. At Tréz we're fighting to help local dentists recapture the clear aligner market while meeting the latest consumers expectations — it's our mission!”

- Jim Koch, Cofounder

Capitalizing on Demand
We want to partner with leading local dentists to facilitate the growing demand for clear aligners.
Local Focus
Utilizing a combination of broad-based marketing strategies to drive local leads.
Innovative Solutions
Our team comprises more than 60 years of orthodontic and marketing experience.


Making Your Business More Competitive

Tréz clear aligners are clearly the best alternative to traditional braces. They more affordable, accessible and attractive than major brands. Our patented MaxComfort solution and low prices will keep you competitive in the ever changing market.