Included with every new case

Our new Max Success Program comes with this industry leading technology from DentalMonitoring that enables patients to submit weekly scans from the comfort of their own home using their smartphone. Together we will have weekly insight on patient progress and the Trez PRO team monitors it for you!


ScanBox pro with every case
This latest design from our industry leading partner is streamlined and simple to use. It easily attaches to any smartphone. A tube cheek retractor is quite a comfortable improvement over other designs. We ship the ScanBox pro with the aligners at the beginning of treatment

Home scans mean less chair time
Every week patients are reminded to send in a progress scan. A helpful guide provides them with animations and videos to complete their weekly scan in just minutes. We review the progress and provide a “Go” or “No Go” to their next aligner. Doctors are also able to review all scans collected from the patients at their convenience. 

The Trez PRO Concierge Team monitors mid-treatment progress
Our clinical team provides monitoring by examining weekly scans for patient progress. These weekly check-ins vastly improve patient compliance and engagement while reducing unwanted revisions and in-person appointments. 

Our team keeps you informed
We are monitoring along the way and communicating to the patient when to proceed to their next aligner. The Trez PRO team will notify the doctor if there is anything noteworthy that may need their attention.

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