The Refresh Protocol is used to get a case back on track if aligners are not fitting properly. This is usually caused by non-compliance, but the Refresh Protocol can be used at anytime and regardless of the reason for a fit issue.

Refresh Protocol

  1. Take a picture or have your patient take a picture of the poor fitting aligners seated as well as possible in the mouth.
  2. Instruct the patient to go back to wearing the last set of fitting aligners until their new aligners arrive (patients should be instructed to keep their last 2-3 sets of worn aligners in the original packaging).
  3. Complete the Submit Refresh Request in the patients portal.

Upon receiving your request, we will re-fabricate a new set of aligners that match the last set of fitting aligners and ship them to you or to your patient at no additional charge.

Under the Max Success program each case comes with unlimited Refresh aligners included.