Trez History

Everyone loves an original

The Trez technology was created in 1996 by a renown orthodontist and professor of human anatomy & physiology. Since then it has been used worldwide by both general dentists and orthodontists to successfully treat a broad range of orthodontic complexities. While our technology has existed longer than any other clear aligner system, we continue to innovate and disrupt the status quo.

The right stuff

Other aligner companies started out by focusing primarily on how to mass produce clear aligners. Our focus, however, has always been on developing a total system that integrates true orthodontic principles and techniques into clear aligner therapy. A deep understanding of orthodontics, human biology, and material science has resulted in an innovative system that consistently achieves remarkable clinical results and superior comfort.

Intelligent pricing

The explosive growth of the clear aligner market is proof that the public prefers clear aligner treatment to traditional brackets and wires. Market demand also demonstrates that the key to successfully promoting clear aligners in your practice is the ability to provide a cost competitive solution to other consumer alternatives. Our business model and production process allows us to offer high quality clear aligners at a significantly competitive price.

Our AI enabled SmileDesign software in action

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Our AI enabled SmileDesign software in action