Welcome Clear Comfort Users!

Effective May 1, 2024

Everywhere you look the costs are going up. We understand that competing in today’s market is harder than ever. 

That’s why we are LOWERING your 2024 prices up to 15%! 🎉 🥳

Our mission is to provide you with the best orthodontic solutions at industry-leading prices. Your continued commitment to us makes changes like this possible. By working together we can continue to pursue excellence in dentistry while providing your patients an affordable, effective and attractive solution to straightening teeth and improving their oral health. 

Below is the new 2024 price for unlimited refreshes, unlimited revisions and unlimited refinements.

Mild (up to 15 weeks / aligners)                $595

Moderate  (up to 33 weeks / aligners)   $1,095

Complex  (36+ weeks / aligners)             $1,595

Trez Clear Aligners is the manufacturer of Clear Comfort. After May 1st, we will only be offering our flagship award-winning brand Trez. 

The same product and system that you know, use and love is NOT changing. It will be the same aligner system that includes our exclusive and advanced Bio-Progressive approach (soft, medium, and hard) with the heightened gingival coverage that provides more control, predictable results and significantly less refinements.

We are excited to introduce the Trez brand to your patients. We believe that this nationwide brand with additional marketing resources, and at a lower cost, will position your practice for new heights of success in clear aligners. Trez Clear Aligners is a sleek, attractive brand that consumers have loved. The Trez packaging is fresh, attractive and stylistically simplistic. The box has a soft touch feel and includes an upgraded slimmer aligner case and new patient instructions.

Additionally, the Trez patient-facing website can assist you in marketing aligners in your practice. We also have helpful printed patient marketing materials that we can send you to peak their interest.

This transition will not interrupt any of your cases

  • There is no need to register for Trez PRO, we got you covered. 
  • You can login in with your Clear Comfort username and password.
  • We are the same Customer Success team that has been supporting you all along. 
  • You will still be sending all your 3D scans via your intra-oral scanner portal to the same place.
  • Your case approval will require payment prior to Trez manufacturing this highly customized product.
  • You can mail your impressions to the following address:

Trez PRO

3214 N. University Ave., #515

Provo, UT 84694

Your current username and password, as well as all your Clear Comfort cases have been migrated to your Trez PRO portal. 

Simply click below to login.

What’s Included with Max Success?

Trez doctors already enjoy a significantly lower revision rate than the other providers. We confidently stand behind the effectiveness of our product and its superiority. We want to go even further in our commitment to you, therefore Trez limits your risk, so you can maximize your profits. So we’ve included everything you need to maximize your success!

Unlimited Refreshes

Our unique Refresh Solution has been saving doctors and patients time and money for years. How? By avoiding full revisions in most cases. Get them back on track without the added expense and logistics of taking additional impressions. 


Unlimited Revisions

Stop overpaying other providers just for the security of locking in your fixed aligner costs. Now regardless of the severity of the case; mild, moderate or complex, we’ve got you covered. 

Unlimited Refinements

Upon completion of treatment, if the doctor or patient would like to do a refinement that’s within the original virtual treatment objective (VTO), the Trez PRO team will work with your office to achieve it. 


Three proprietary retainers

The cost of retainers from other providers has gotten quite expensive. Frequently patients are disappointed with an additional ongoing cost. We now will provide THREE sets of retainers with EVERY case for no additional cost!